20 Oct 2020


I'm trying to write something out and the craziest thing that's keeps coming is that I was in Bangladesh when Covid-19 hit the world. I flew home a day earlier than planned, fell asleep in my bed from the jet lag, and woke up to the California stay-at-home order.

We were in Dhaka, the heart of the country, for 5 weeks. I had never been to Bangladesh, or honestly any other place like it. The traffic was a brutal awakening, and crossing the street was what I imagine an episode of American Ninja Warrior feels like. My main purpose during that time was to use my own movement language, knowledge and experience to enhance the physicality of the Bengali dancers, but ultimately the project was a vessel for something much bigger. About training bodies yes, but really about value, total immersion, and trust so when we stepped on stage it meant so much more. 


After over a month being absorbed in this country, my overall understanding of Bangladesh is nothing is organized in the way we are used to—there are tiny and huge bits of chaos everywhere, traffic makes everyone late, you have to be a lot louder than you think to get things done, but everything works together. And that’s how we did it all, by putting this into the work.