In the foreground a young woman with dark brown hair in a low ponytail rests her chin on another dancer's shoulder. In the background it is blurry, but we can make out other dancer's in motion in the same dance studio.

Movement Classes

Movement Classes offer artists the opportunity to delve into their creativity through improvisation and choreography.

My intention is to encourage body awareness and thoughtful movement practices.

Time & Location are ever changing, follow my instagram for updates! @laniyamanaka


Movement Fundamentals | DancePrehab

Movement Fundamentals was developed by DancePrehab Founder. Rob Tsai, to promote Strength and Conditioning Principles, Physical Literacy and Movement Exploration for dancers and artist athletes.

Our intention is for participants to leave with new tools for their movement toolbox and more awareness for future movement preparation practices.

Time & Location are tentative depending on time of year. Keep up with @danceprehab on instagram for updates!

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Personal Training | NASM CPT

Personal Training looks different for everyone. Every body is different and everybody is different, and I am here to respect both your body and mind.

My intention is to help you develop exercises and tools to reach your health goals and ultimately move through life confidently.

Reach out if you're interested in working with me to create your own personal movement experience.